Break Bulk

Break Bulk/Bulk Shipping
International shipping and moving can be very exciting. There are various factors why people choose a shipping company over another. There are a lot of shipping companies to choose from, but what matters is your ability to choose the best. Sometimes a lot of people, both business and companies do not have some great pleasant memories with shipping companies. The next time you require break bulk/Bulk shipping services you need to make sound and informed decision for a better shipping experience for both you and your shipping company. Here are some relevant tips to help you in the exercise. 5 Tips When Selecting a Cargo Shipping Company for your Break bulk/Bulk shipping needs.

Tip 1: Registration and Licensing

The cargo shipping company of your choice should be compliant with the requirements of the industry it serves. A professional and registered shipping company should have an NVOCC number with the Department of Maritime Commission to show its legitimacy. International shipping companies may be affiliated to RIM, AMSA or FIDI.

Tip 2: Cargo Loading Services

There are different cargo loading services including live loading, warehouse loading, and drop and pull services. For live loading, a container is sent to your address, and you have some hours to pack your stuff in it. Later the company gets and seals it and takes it for loading on the vessel.

For warehouse loading, a shipping company will pack your consignment in a container and deliver it to the mover’s warehouse.

For drop and pull loading services, a shipping company will drop and leave a container at your home or business premises for some few days to load your stuff on it. On the agreed date, the company will come for the container. However, this option is the most expensive though less stressful.

Tip 3: Range of Container Size and Capacity

Depending on the size and amount of cargo you want to ship, you will know your right choice of container. Durables, antiques and other products that may be affected by weather, may ship in special containers called reefers in the industry.

Tip 4: Cargo Tracking Tools

For the safety of your cargo, it is always good to ensure your shipping company is tracking your container. Updates on the shipment should be at your disposal throughout the shipment. This may attract an extra charge.

Tip 5: Industrial Standards and Safety Records

An industrial standard company will deliver efficient services compared to the self-watermarked companies, which do business through the back door. Companies with certification in the industry usually have passed bars and the safety of your cargo is guaranteed.
Other factors to consider may be insurance, discounts, and charges among others. It is advisable to plan on your shipment beforehand to avoid and unnecessary changes and fixing in the rush hour.