Less Than Container Load

Benefits of Less than Container Shipping

Small and medium sized businesses that use ocean freight for transportation of their goods usually have less consignment than what would fit a full container. Since they do not have enough goods to fill a full load and can’t wait for goods to pile up to make full load shipping, they opt for less than container shipping (LCL). Assuming they were to wait for a period to get a full load, they would make losses as well as inconvenience their clients as well as themselves. Freight companies use LCL to target small firms and some to get into the industry. LCL is popular in industries like oil and gas, automotive, chemicals, apparel retailing among others.

If an individual or a company opts for LCL, the benefits that he will accrue include:


LCL deals with small size orders offering sheer flexibility to shippers as well as reducing their inventory investment. In some cases, shippers even pay an extra cost for the flexibility because in the long-run it will be beneficial.

Faster Vessels

This is one of the chief benefits that shippers get from using LCL. With direct routes and fewer stoppages in place from the consolidators, it takes less time to deliver shipments benefiting both the carriers and their clients. Customers with cargo less than a container are obliged to go for this method.

Defined Costs

Easy allocation of freight costs and charges is another significant advantage of using LCL. This is because of the clearness of the order amount of an LCL shipment. Since the cubic foot, size of the order is known and clear, it reduces many calculations making cost allocation a quick success.

Preferential Treatment

You should opt for LCL if you want your goods to be treated with preference during shipment. Consolidation containers in LCL move at higher rates than in full container load. This calls for care and attention when dealing with the consignment. Consistency in the volume of the LCL shipment containers is another added benefit to this freight mode of transport.

Decrease in Shipping Cost

Most of the less than container freight carriers offer services beyond the over-water transportation; you may find carriers that will extend delivery to or from their pick up terminals. This will help you evade costs such as lift gate, pick up, inside delivery as well as appointments that would have otherwise gone to your expenses list.

If you are going to use freight shipping services for your consignment, keep in mind the benefits of LCL if your cargo is less than what can fill a full load container.